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The car rental in Spain is a wonderful opportunity to make an unforgettable tour of a bright country in conditions of increased comfort. The car can be rented at the airport, railway station or other representative offices of the landlord. In the presence of machines of any classes, ranging from compact small cars and ending with representative series. Experienced travelers recommend booking a car in advance on the Internet.


Numerous reviews of car rentals in Spain show that this is the most convenient way to get acquainted with the Spanish culture. The country occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula, is washed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Oceans. An independent trip to the rental car will allow you to feel freedom of movement and enjoy the cultural features of Spain.

You can rent a car only if you are twenty-one years old. It should be noted that for young drivers (up to 25 years), rolling usually costs more. Age restrictions and conditions for driving experience are specific to the company.

Before you rent a car in Spain, it is advisable to know the following rules:

– in the country are spread toll roads, for which you can pay by cash or credit card;

– on the roads right-hand traffic;

– The driver and passengers are required to wear seat belts;

– The headlights and the sound signal of the rear car say that you are going to overtake;

– exit from the car on the highway is allowed only in the reflective waistcoat (such clothing is provided together with the rental car);

– you can not use a mobile phone while driving without a special headset;

– The phone at the gas stations must be switched off;

– The permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 ppm. If the driver’s experience is less than two years, then this limit is 0.3 ppm.

When transporting children under three years old, special locking systems must be used. Children up to one hundred and thirty-five centimeters and age of three years must have a child seat.

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