– Passport, driver’s license, air ticket, residence address in Spain, phone number and e-mail address.
– Yes, payment is accepted both in cash and in non-cash form.
– All information is preliminary negotiated with the client.
– The car can be received within 12 hours of the time field indicated in the voucher. After 12 hours the car reservation is canceled and the amount of the reserve is not refunded.
– Yes, it is possible for an additional fee.
– All information is preliminary negotiated with the client.
– Yes, our company provides such a service, and anyone can ask for the delivery of the car to any place where it will be more convenient.
– Make minor changes to the reservation is possible no later than 5 days before the lease.
– No, it is necessary to make changes to the reservation, but not later than 5 days before the lease.
– The car can be returned before the expiration of the lease contract, but the money is not returned.
– For the penalties and violations that occurred during the lease, the responsibility is borne by the tenant.
– After the cancellation of the reservation, the prepayment is not refundable.
– To extend the lease period, you need to contact the customer service department of the company and find out if there is such an opportunity.
The rental offer includes only car rental.
When you receive a rental car, you must show: a passport, a credit card, a voucher, a regular driver’s license and an international driving license. All these documents must be registered with the main driver.
In order not to get into a difficult situation, we recommend that you always carry an international driving license + your usual driving license. The age of the driver who can use the car rental service is 21 to 75 years (exceptions are possible). The driving experience should be at least 2 years (in some cases – 1 year)
You can pay for renting a car in cash and using credit cards: VISA Classic / Gold, AMEX, Mastercard.
For payment you can use credit cards: VISA Classic / Gold, AMEX, Mastercard. Plastic cards such as VISA Electron, Maestro, Diners are not accepted. Please note that for the rental of certain types of vehicles, our company requires two credit cards.
No, you can not pay for renting a car with a plastic card issued for another person. Pay attention to the fact that the card on which the deposit will be blocked, as well as the card that will be paid for car rental, must be registered in the name of the main driver.
Yes, you can pay for renting a car with a corporate plastic card, issued in your name. Pay attention to the fact that the card on which the deposit will be blocked, must also be registered in the name of the main driver.
If you specify the flight number in the booking, it will be easier to track your flight. In case your flight is delayed, we are able to track the arrival time. Without a flight number, we will assume that you did not show up, and we will provide the car to another customer.
The place and address of the receipt of the car, the name of the rental company is indicated in your voucher. The voucher will be sent to your email after confirmation of the rent and payment.
When you receive a car, you can purchase various additional options, including various options for super-insurance. Buying super-insurance, you reduce the amount of the franchise, in some cases – to zero.
Yes, during the receipt of the car on the credit card of the chief driver the deposit is blocked according to the international rules
Usually it takes from 3 to 30 days to unlock the deposit. We recommend that you contact your bank in case of delay.
In case of any changes and delays, you need to contact us.
You can get your rental car at any time, but you have to pay for this service.
Renting a rental car during non-working hours is a paid service. You need to pay this option when you receive the car.
Yes, you can pay the entire amount when you receive a rental car
All payments made are converted based on the current rate of your bank.Rentley.es is not responsible for payments made by your bank.
According to the international rules of car rental, accepted all over the world, we do not confirm the model, color and type of fuel of the car. Rentley.es confirms the category of the car booked by you, specified in your voucher.
You need to return the car with the same amount of fuel as you received it. In the event that the return of the car in the fuel tank is less, the missing fuel is paid by you at the rates of Rentley.es. In case you return the car with a lot of fuel, Rentley.es does not return money.
In case you have ordered the delivery of your car to the hotel in advance and given the address, it is possible.
All additional equipment is reserved and paid at the time of booking. The cost of additional equipment is indicated in your voucher. Additional equipment is, for example, a child seat, a booster, an additional driver, a navigator, Wi-Fi, and so on.
No, it does not. You can either refuse or order additional options when you receive the car.
You can make changes to your reservation by calling us at the phone number. +34 747 786 292 +34 645 412 297, or by sending an e-mail request, no later than 72 hours before the start of the lease. All additional payments that will arise during the changes are calculated based on the tariffs and the availability of cars at the time of making the changes. We recommend that you take care of making changes in advance, as the more days remain before the start of the lease, the more likely that all your changes will be confirmed.
You do not need to make a new booking, you need to contact Rentley.es for making changes. After all the changes are made, we will send you a new voucher to your e-mail.
Making changes to the existing reservation is absolutely free, for this you need to contact Rentley.es by phone. +34 747 786 292 +34 645 412 297, or by e-mail. You will only be required to pay for additional services or other payments that arise as a result of the changes.
Yes, you can return the car before the deadline. Unfortunately, we do not refund money for cars returned earlier.
Responsibility for all fines and violations you carry – as a tenant of this car. The company Rentley.es can at the same time bill you for the amount of the administrative fee according to the current tariffs.
You can cancel your reservation by sending an email to the e-mail indicated on the voucher.
If you want to cancel the reservation, please contact us.
Rentley.es charges a fee for any reservation canceled by the customer.
To order additional equipment, call Rentley.es at tel. +34 747 786 292 +34 645 412 297. Please note that you will need a reservation number – keep it at your fingertips.
Under the rules of the company, the voucher must be delivered to you by e-mail within 72 hours. In the event that within 72 hours the voucher has not arrived to you by e-mail, please contact us by phone on the phone. +34 747 786 292 +34 645 412 297. Employees of our company will promptly process the issue and solve your problem.
If your lease has not yet started, you can adjust the date of return by contacting Rentley.es by phone. +34 747 786 292 +34 645 412 297. If your lease has already started, you need to call or drive to the rental company where you received the car (phone numbers and all contacts you will always find in the contract that was received together with by car). Please note that the rental price may differ from the one for which you took the car at the beginning of the rental period.
During the issuance of the car you will need to provide a deposit in the amount of the franchise, which is blocked on your credit card or in cash. This deposit will be wholly or partially retained by the rental company, if new damages or defects are found during the return of the car. The size of the maximum franchise you can find out in terms of renting while booking a car.
To cross the border on a rental car you must purchase additional insurance.
In the event of an accident, breakage or any other unforeseen circumstances, immediately contact the rental company in which you received the vehicle. It is necessary to inform Rentley.es immediately. If you have an accident, call the police, fill out all the necessary documents, protocols and reports. In some cases, we can ask you to fill out an incident report when returning the rental car.
You can always contact us by phone +34 747 786 292 +34 645 412 297
We can send you your voucher again. To do this, you need to contact Rentley.es by phone. +34 747 786 292 +34 645 412 297. We are always at your service.
If you have indicated your flight number when booking, Rentley.es will be able to track the arrival of your flight. We also recommend that – in the event of a change in the status of your flight – contact Rentley.es by phone. +34 747 786 292 +34 645 412 297 and inform us about this situation. If your flight is canceled, please inform us as soon as possible – we need to cancel your reservation, because otherwise you will be forced to pay for the reservation.
Rentley.es has many different cars. Of course, we are ready to help you, choose the car that you need. Just contact Rentley.es by phone. +34 747 786 292 +34 645 412 297 – and we will definitely find your option.
Yes, you can book a car if you do not have a credit card
Rentley.es, there is an age restriction, it is from 21 to 75 years. At the time of booking, you can see the terms of the lease, where the age restrictions are indicated. There is an additional fee for the age: if you are under 25 years old or more than 65.
The deposit amount depends on the car you selected. You will be helped to understand this issue if you contact Rentley.es You can also get acquainted with the terms of blocking the deposit, the deposit at the time of booking the car.
All confidential information and your credit card is protected by SSL encryption.
When returning the vehicle, make sure that there is as much fuel in the fuel tank as provided for in the contract. Carefully inspect the vehicle together with a representative of Rentley.es (if possible) for new damage.
During big holidays, events, etc., we recommend you to take care of booking as early as possible. During the holidays a very large number of tourists and business people reserve cars. If you take care of booking in advance, we will pick the most suitable option for you.
The deposit on your card is blocked during the processing of documents for the issuance of the car. As a rule, the deposit is blocked along with the rent. The deposit is debited and unblocked after the car is returned.
To reserve a car you need – (scan or photocopy) a passport, a normal driving license and an international driving license. All these documents must be registered with the main driver, the number and validity period of the credit card, the telephrnet’s phone number, place of residence, the place of issue and return of the car, the time of issue and return of the car.
Standard insurance is an insurance package, included in the car rental price by default. In the process of booking or receiving a car you can choose different options for insurance for an additional cost.
The international driving license is required when obtaining and booking a rental car in Spain. To exclude the refusal to issue a car due to the lack of an international driving license, we recommend that you issue an international driving license.
You do not need to specify a terminal. You can specify in the reservation the flight number – this will be enough.

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