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Rentley is a company for renting cars for short and long term in Alicante, Torrevieja, Valencia and other cities of Costa Blanca in Spain. We offer high-quality car rental services at affordable prices. A team of professionals guarantees reliable support to our customers.

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Traveling with children in Europe without a car does not make sense. This is extremely inconvenient, hard, hot and most interesting just do not see – there is no such word. In Spain, renting a car on a rent is so widespread and long ago that foreign tourists, and locals do not imagine traveling with children in any other way.

We can rent cars in almost all cities in Spain. The process of renting a car in Cartagena does not bring any better “does not have” any difficulties. We agree in advance with customers by phone, or the order comes through our site. To the right place and time the car you like is served. At the request of parents, the car is provided with the necessary number of comfortable children’s armchairs for toddlers of different ages.

Interesting places for families with children

In Cartagena there is something to see with the child. Especially memorable trip to the boys because of the abundance of ancient military installations. This ancient beautiful town is located on the flat part of the Mediterranean bay. On the periphery it is surrounded by hills and mountain ranges.

On the coast of the bay, almost in the heart of the city there is a cruise port. And on the outskirts of Cartagena, where the path by car takes only a couple of minutes, is the naval fleet of Bateria de Castillitos with a medieval fortress. The citadel, worn for centuries, merging in color with rock, is introduced directly into the rocks, at a level of 250 m from the sea. It is very popular with tourists who like to wander through its narrow corridors, look without warning at the terrible English guns of Vickers, there is not enough bundle of gloomy rooms of military warehouses and barracks.

With teenagers in historical places

In Cartagena with children, you can visit several historical museums: archaeological, marine, Civil War Museum. Exhibits of museums recreate the history of these places, dating back to the 2nd century BC. Adolescents and adults will be able to appreciate the local architecture. The square of Cartagena, the Palace of Aguirre, the Palace can be joined by a union. The Consistories are real architectural monuments in the Art Nouveau style.

Where to go with the kids?

Kids will be interested in playing on modern playgrounds on the central promenade of the city and strolling among the wonderful giant trees of the park Alfonso Torres. From the tops of the hills, almost each of which is crowned with a fortress and a viewing platform, spectacular views of the ruins of the ancient Roman theater, the ruins of an ancient bastion, elegant yachts on the quay, which do not leave the children indifferent.

Roads in Cartagena

Get to most of the attractions will have to by car, not counting on a leisurely and not always working better to write about the fact that transportation is rare and scheduled public transport. This is another reason for renting a car in Cartagena. The road is impressive with picturesque views. At the entrance to the city on the hills stands a massive statue of a bull. This is a tribute to such Spanish traditions as bullfighting and the production of local sherry brandy “Veterano”. Sometimes the road winds and twists into a streamer. However, the quality of European roads and the culture of driving are so high that you do not have to worry about the danger of a collision.

By car to the cleanest beaches

The car will allow to find with children a cozy, quiet and safe place to sunbathe and swim on the sea. In Cartagena the length of the sandy coastline for rest on the Mediterranean Sea is 22 km. Here lie one of the best beaches in Europe. They are marked by the blue flag, which are allocated ecologically safe places for rest on the water.

At our site you can choose modern low-cost cars of both budget level and premium class, equipped with everything you need, which is usually required for tourists on European routes. Renting a car in Cartagena exactly with us, you get 24-hour support on the roads, advice on maintenance and routes, as well as a lot of fun with comfortable trips on new cars.

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Rentley is a car rental company for short and long term rental in Alicante, Torrevieja, Valencia and other cities of Costa Blanca in Spain.
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