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Rentley is a company for renting cars for short and long term in Alicante, Torrevieja, Valencia and other cities of Costa Blanca in Spain. We offer high-quality car rental services at affordable prices. A team of professionals guarantees reliable support to our customers.

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Spain is an amazing country, rich in historical landmarks and beautiful views. 90% of foreign tourists from the countries of America and Europe for the movement without restrictions between the unique sights of history and modernity use the service “car rental in Calpe” (and other cities).

Unusual residents of the post-Soviet space rarely use convenient services, mistakenly believing that car rental in Calpe (Spain) is too expensive and troublesome pleasure, luxury only for rich and wealthy people. Some guests of the country refuse to move comfortably abroad only because they do not know how to drive a car, or are not sure whether their driving rights are valid in the country where they are going. There is a category of tourists who are concerned about the lack of an insurance policy. They are afraid that in an emergency they will be unprotected and will suffer serious financial losses. And many guests of the country simply do not know how to book a car rental in Calpe (Spain).

Why do residents of American and European countries prefer to contact car rental services? Is it possible to rent a car in Calpe?

The cost of a trip to Spain on public and rented vehicles

Rentley offers rental cars for economy, business or premium cars with manual and automatic gearboxes from € 28 per day for a short and long hiring period. The fare on public transport for one person (for example, from Calpe to Madrid) is within:

  • Direct bus – 28 € – 45 € (runs five times in seven days);
  • bus with transfer to the train – 67 € – 93 € (sent every 4 hours);
  • train with train transfer – 59 € – 84 € (four times a day);
  • bus with transfer to the bus and further by plane – 52 € – 205 €.

At the same time on the road on average will take 10 hours. Car rental in Calpe (Spain) will reduce the travel time to 4.5-5 hours. For renting a car (without a driver), the traveler will pay 28 € + the cost of gasoline (an average of 37 liters), which will be 45 € – 70 €. Obviously, even for one person it is much more convenient and economically more profitable to hire a car than to travel by public transport. If a company of 4-5 people goes to travel (for example, a family with children), then it will cost much less than travel on social transport. In this case, the tourist will save precious time for more interesting things than a ten-hour trip in the most comfortable bus, train or plane.

Rental offers from Rentley

Car rental in Calpe in Spain and other cities of the country from Rentley is a wide choice of cars for economy, business or premium segment. The client can carry out a car hire with a high-level professional driver or independently manage MERCEDES A-CLASS, White Automat, Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, Automat Opel Astra, Ford Mustang RED or other brand to choose from (the entire range and prices can be found on the site http : // The fleet is in perfect technical condition (constant monitoring of specialists).

Car rental in Calpe (Spain) is paid in any form (cash, bank transfer) at the request of the client. To obtain a rental car you need the following documents:

  • air ticket for the flight to which the traveler arrives in the country;
  • the passport of the citizen;
  • driver’s license;
  • Place of residence in Spain (hotels, hostels, private accommodation, etc.)
  • the address of the e-mail box;
  • Mobile phone number.

It is also necessary to provide the flight number to which the guest arrives in the country

Car hire in Calpe (Spain) includes unlimited mileage and an insurance policy for a car. Rentley’s leased vehicles are served and returned anywhere in the country (pre-agreed with the customer). To order an auto you need to write a message on the site, by e-mail or by the numbers indicated on the resource.

Car rental in Spain from Rentley is financially profitable, reliable, convenient and comfortable. If you have any questions, please contact the online consultant, call or write a message (on the site, by e-mail). Managers will certainly give detailed advice on any matter regarding the hiring of cars in Spain.

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Rentley is a car rental company for short and long term rental in Alicante, Torrevieja, Valencia and other cities of Costa Blanca in Spain.
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