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Rentley is a company for renting cars for short and long term in Alicante, Torrevieja, Valencia and other cities of Costa Blanca in Spain. We offer high-quality car rental services at affordable prices. A team of professionals guarantees reliable support to our customers.

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Many people prefer to use our company when renting a car in Benidorm, which is not surprising, considering:

  • The resort status of the city, which until relatively recently was a small fishing village. Today, in Benidorm, tourists come from many countries, wishing to get quality rest;
  • Advantage of the offer, as practice shows, car rental in Benidorm is much more profitable than regular use of public transport services.

If you are used to traveling a big noisy company, renting a car in Benidorm will be a real godsend. Below it is proposed to analyze the relevance and advantages of such a proposal, clarify the conditions for all those who apply.

Why use the service

They decide to book a car rental in Spain in Benidorm from the following special features:

  • Relatively low cost (if you make an analogy with the cost of taxi services, urban transport for the period of travel);
  • Such a proposal is especially important for a small company of several people who wants to travel and get maximum comfort from following the paved roads of sunny Spain;
  • Regardless of the brand and model of the vehicle, we offer a rental car in Benidorm that is technically sound, clean and ready to be used, which will easily become a worthy solution for traveling. Acceptance and delivery is carried out in the shortest time, after a short period of time, you can safely enjoy a pleasant stay;
  • Vehicles have all the necessary equipment, ranging from climate equipment and ending with multimedia systems, therefore, on the road there will be no need for additional equipment, you can safely follow further and enjoy your vacation.

In addition to the fact that we rent a car in Benidorm is very cheap, it is also advantageous from the point of view of comfort, and the main emphasis is placed on it. Also presented a wide range of cars, ranging from economy class to luxury vehicles. You can listen to the advice of specialists and rent a car in Benidorm strictly according to the criteria that will be relevant. There is no point in overpaying for using a car from a more expensive segment, if you can make everything practical, this is what the main accent is on.

What you need to rent

Here are some tips for renting a car in Benidorm, which should not be neglected:

  • To obtain a car, it is necessary to provide identity documents, driver’s license, certificate of medical examination. It is necessary to be sure that there will not be an emergency due to the fault of the driver’s health state, lack of mobility management skills;
  • The rent is offered hourly (which will be actual if you plan to use the car for a one-time excursion) or by the day (when there is a desire to rest sprawling across and across Spain). The choice to do you, but the cost of a daily rent is much more profitable;
  • During vehicle acceptance and delivery it is necessary to check the technical condition as much as possible, no dents, scratches. This is an important point, otherwise you can get into a controversial situation and additionally spend money to resolve it.

Rent a car in Benidorm from our company has a lot of benefits and they should pay attention to all categories of tourists.

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Rentley is a car rental company for short and long term rental in Alicante, Torrevieja, Valencia and other cities of Costa Blanca in Spain.
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