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Rentley is a company for renting cars for short and long term in Alicante, Torrevieja, Valencia and other cities of Costa Blanca in Spain. We offer high-quality car rental services at affordable prices. A team of professionals guarantees reliable support to our customers.

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Each tourist, heading for the Costa Blanca to the province of Alicante, is asked the same question: how in a short time of vacation to visit all the landmarks of the most prestigious resort area of ​​Spain. The best solution to this problem will be renting a car in Altea. Only with a personal vehicle, you can fully enjoy all the beauties of this wonderful place, saving a lot of time and energy.

Altea is a tiny resort town, which over the past few years has evolved from a simple fishing village to one of the centers of European tourism. Here, the convenience of modern life and the slow, measured pace of the Spanish province were combined. It is considered the most bohemian holiday destination on everything on the Costa Blanca and is appreciated among travelers, above all for its comfort. This city annually hosts unique art exhibitions, theater productions, as well as dozens of concerts of contemporary and classical music performers. In such a kaleidoscope of events, when you want to see everything at once, it’s hard for a simple tourist to do without your own car, so our company is ready to offer you a hire of a vehicle of any class and price category.

What will be required for registration

Renting a car in Altea in our company differs little from a similar procedure in other localities of Spain. For the registration of the contract from the client only a passport in his name, an international driving license and a valid credit card are required. At the same time, the age of a person who wants to get a car for temporary use should not be less than 21 years. The minimum term of the service is 24 hours.

Fineness of rolled metal

The rules of hiring cars in our company are quite simple and do not require a lot of additional insurance and secondary documentation from customers. The lessee pays for the operation of the machine only the amount that is stipulated in the contract, additional levies are completely absent. Exceptions are only fines for violations of traffic rules and compensation for traffic accidents. At the end of the rental period, the vehicle can be delivered in any locality where Rentley’s corporate parking is present.

What benefits does the tenant get?

Every experienced traveler knows how important mobility and freedom of movement are during a vacation in the resorts of such an amazing country as Spain. Beaten tourist routes can not show a tenth of the beauty of this state, so renting a car in Altea will give you many advantages:

movement to anywhere in the country;

the ability to travel regardless of weather conditions;

independent choice of location;

the constant presence of a number of luggage and personal belongings;

pleasure from driving on high-quality roads in the Spanish regions.

If you are an active person and wish to effectively spend a long-awaited vacation, then without an individual vehicle you simply can not do. Renting a car in Altea will give you the opportunity to decide where and how to relax.

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Rentley is a car rental company for short and long term rental in Alicante, Torrevieja, Valencia and other cities of Costa Blanca in Spain.
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